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Old Favorites Find a New Home

Vintage Jewelry
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Shown here is a representative sampling of the types of jewelry that we offer for sale.  Note that some of the items shown have already been sold to someone seeking a gift to give to a loved one, or to a person seeking that perfect piece of jewelry to wear.   We show you these pieces to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the variety of fine jewelry we are able to offer for sale.


Stud Earring


The guys in this pawn shop were nice, respectful and friendly. I felt like they dealt with me fairly and honestly. They have also repaired my jewelry for a reasonable fee. Plus they have a large selections of high end merchandise to select from at great prices I would make it point to use them again.

Engagement Ring


Great service! Fair prices & good deals , I am 100% satisfied with this pawn shop, I totally recommend it .

Engagement Ring


The owner is a great guy - so knowledgeable, polite & professional - such a lovely & clean & uncluttered store - not like any pawn shop I have ever seen - beautiful jewelry - AND they have lots of nifty tools and a pro in the shop who can repair your jewelry (or create a custom piece) - highly recommend!



We specialize in fine jewelry.  Gorgeous pieces are brought in to us on a regular basis, and the most beautiful of them find a place in our display cases, offered for sale to  you.


Our prices are very competitive, and our stock is constantly changing.  We do not have duplicates of the items that we sell.  Once an item is gone, it is gone.   Another beautiful item will take its place, but the one you wanted  will belong to someone else.  


If you see an item in our jewelry case that you like, please don't plan to come back for it later.  Please put it on layaway, or go ahead and buy it , because if you don't,  it probably will be gone the next time you visit our store.

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